The Mission

Have you ever wondered that most of the overviews of players found on blogs, other websites or in the newspapers concentrate a lot on creating a biography of the player rather than actually analysing the player thoroughly so you could create your own informed opinion about the player? I have.

With my previous experience with journalism and interest in analysing football, I decided to create a website that could offer information on players in a similar way to how a scout would do it. Before doing so, I surfed around the internet and I could find very few reviews that were even similar to the style of reports I wanted to offer.

And the word “report” is very important when describing what we offer for our readers. Although there will be an occasional more journalistic piece, the website’s most important content are the reports which will have little to no literatural value. They’re just “blunt” reports describing and analysing the players strengths and weaknesses and his playing level.

I and my potential co-writers will try to offer analysis which are as accurate as possible and therefore we try to be very critical of what we see in the games we watch. The reports might often consist almost entirely of criticism, even when we think the player is very talented. In the end our own opinion on the players level is at the end of the report. When we make the report, we try to take into consideration as many factors as we can possibly think of.

Our range of reports is wide – from the relatively unknown to those already having an asking price of 30 million euros set. We will not scout very old players but an occasional 25-year old or even bit older might be reported on if we think he deserves to be looked at. Also on our “to do” list you would not find someone like Wayne Rooney or Lionel Messi. After all, we’re looking for new talents, not players already recognised as world-class.

These are only some of the basic questions I ask myself when assessing a player:

  • What are his big shortcomings? Are there any weaknesses which are so deep that they are near-impossible to fix? How do and how might those problems affect his level of play?
  • How dependant is a player of his team? There are many players who only work in a certain setting with certain types of players and therefore it is important to determine if it could simply be the case of the team making the player shine. And when something like that has been seen, it is important to understand whether a player is shining thanks to the team either because the team utilises his strengths or simply the team around him being very good.
  • What is the player good at? What are his strengths? Where in his game does he have room for improvement?
  • What is his actual level at the moment? Where could he/will he be in the future? If there is anyone after him, would he fit into that team?

Player reports are not the only thing we try to offer. As mentioned above we also provide an occasional journalistic piece/overview and one important part of the website is the “Into The Unknown”. This is where we watch games you wouldn’t normally see to find someone who is often not even known outside of his own league or maybe even club.

I hope you have a lovely time on our website, reading about players your club might potentially sign in the future or people who will turn out to be the best in the world. And if you like analysing players and would like to write, get in touch!

Football’s New Talent founder,
Tanel Tursk


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