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People who like to keep eye on this site have probably noticed that it has been a while since the last update,  despite the fact that I promised to do Javi Martinez and Ander Herrera reports.

I have watched the players, I have my opinion on them, but sadly I don’t have time to write it down. And current developments indicate that I still won’t have time in future to do that or to check new players.

Why? I go to university which takes a fair bit of my time, but last month I also started my work as part-time foreign football editor for and very soon I will hopefully start work for a agency named GT Scouting and consulting s.r.o. And on top of that I am going to have 3-4 training sessions per week as well as a game in my own amateur football career.

I might occasionally still use this blog to voice certain opinions of mine and I will remain active over Twitter, mostly ready to discuss about Italian football.

For me this site has been a success because my mission with it was to get work in the footballing circles as a scout/consultant. I hope to continue my footballing education and maybe in 10 years time I’ve helped some talented Estonian player get their big break and/or possibly moved on to some other position in football.

Thank you for reading,

Tanel Tursk.


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