Pick 10 defenders for me to follow

31 Jan

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve extended the voting until Monday 9 PM for now. To get more votes, and I can’t get started anyway just yet. Lot of new options added too.

Usually it is easy to see who the big attacking talents are, but it is much more difficult to assess defenders because you simply don’t notice a lot of them and an average fan wouldn’t watch a team play just for a defender. Yet the question which of the young/relatively unknown defenders is actually good enough for a top team is one that bugs me and possibly a lot of others too.

However this is exactly what I am going to do as I hope to cover at least 10 defenders with 2 months with a big scouting report. Who do I cover? This is for you to pick. I have given you a pre-set poll with some options, but to nominate your own player for voting, let me know in Twitter by sending me a tweet (possible blueprint: @TanelT “player name”,”club” #FootballsNewTalent ) or make a comment here. After all I’m bound to forget a lot of players. I will add them at first opportunity.

Whether you want to get a second opinion on the player of your favorite team/national team or want to know more about the target of your club… I’ll try to provide you this knowledge.

I will try to be covering the top 10 defenders who received most votes, IF I can see them play (either live or obtaining their games). If I decide to go above 10, then the extra players will be those who interest me most personally.

Before you nominate Thiago Silva’s, Vincent Kompany’s or Gerard Pique’s, I will reject such nominations. I am not looking for world-class players. They should be relatively young, but if someone is very good/interesting but aged around 25 and relatively unknown then I will still accept him. And some top club players like Phil Jones or the recent arrival Juan in Inter can also be voted for, just no-one very old or already amongst the best in the position.

I will only add players I believe to be suitable for report to the poll.

I have separated full-back and centre-back voting.


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2 responses to “Pick 10 defenders for me to follow

  1. Frederik

    January 31, 2012 at 01:16

    Bryan Oviedo, FC Copenhagen

  2. Frederik

    March 4, 2012 at 17:25

    Damn, forgot to vote. Oviedo is now being monitored by Manchester United – according to footybunker:


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