Douglas of Corinthians (One Game)

28 Jan

Douglas fighting for the ball. Picture taken from

As promised, although with a bit of delay, I have done a report on one of the players I had picked based on the semi-finals of the Sao Paulo region youth tournament. I made my choice between these Fluminese and these Corinthians players.

In the end I chose to follow Douglas who looked as if he could could become a sort of Adriano (in his better days ofcourse).

The powerful striker turned 18 a few months ago and arrived in Corinthians last year from Guarani.

One Game Report on Douglas

Personal Information:

Name: Douglas Willian da Silva Souza
Date of Birth: 27.10.1993 (age 18)
Nationality: Brazilian
Height: 187 cm
Current Club: Corinthians (contracted until sometime in 2014, not sure of the exact end date)

Basic Playing Information:

Position: Striker
Preferred foot: Left

Game Watched To Make The Report:

Corinthians (U18) – Fluminense (U18) 2:1 (Copinha, 25.01.2012)

Note: The semi-final game against Atletico Paranaenses also taken into account.

Game Description:

Douglas started as a striker in the 4-2-2-2 formation. He had a relatively quiet game, having few shots with little luck in the 90 minute display.

The game itself was deservedly won by Corinthians who initially fell behind. They ended up coming back with two set piece goals from their captain and central defender Antonio Carlos.

Douglas celebrating. Picture taken from

Performance of Douglas:

Douglas’s game was quite a disappointment for me after he had played well in the semi-final where his power and speed caused a lot of problem and his finishing was brilliant.

A yawn he made before the start of the game was pretty symbolic of his display because he looked very lazy and never got into the pace of the game, making me ask the question if his previous good was really just down to poor defenders.

He made three shots… well, two actually as he completely miscued one shot in the box which was his best chance for scoring.

Lacked striker’s intelligence

It did not surprise me at all that he did not get into good shooting positions because from the moment the game started, I noticed he really struggled. Maybe it was big game nerves for young man, but he didn’t show much intelligence or determination. The later being a big problem because not only did he fail to get into good positions, he also struggled to link up with the rest of the team.

The most annoying thing was that he never wanted to attack the near post. There were 4-5 times when he should’ve gone to try and get something at the near post, but he always ended up moving to the area around the penalty spot where his striking partner was already waiting.

Therefore it was easy for Fluminense’s defence to stop Corinthians from getting good chances from crosses. Had he attacked the near post and gotten ahead of the defender, then he might’ve gotten a shot or two as well as definitely stretching out Fluminense’s defence in the penalty area. Instead he got players piled up into one small area. Near post crosses are also far more easier to execute for the wide players and far more difficult to handle for defenders.

Showed good physical ability at times

There were few occasions where he showed the good side of his game, the physicality. In that sense, he reminds of some of Brazil’s past or current powerful strikers like Adriano and Hulk.

He doesn’t show it much, but he has got good speed on him as well as strength and the moments when he has the determination to get the ball, he causes probles. In this game he forced opponents into making a mistake on three occasions. Defenders either gave the ball away or put it out of play when he challenged them.

To finish off the assessment, a short mention of his technical side. He didn’t show much there. Against Atletico he scored with two good finishes with either foot, but in this game he lacked a first touch and he didn’t seem to feel comfortable with the ball.

What level do I think he is:

He is currently a youth player, with decent potential, but another year or two at this level awaits him. On the basis of the two games I saw, he is not a bad youth player, but neither amongst the better youngsters. Lot of simple flaws. Technically and mentally not quite ready for big football.

What level could he reach:

I think that at this moment he is bit too far from becoming a really good player, but I’m sure he can become a striker who plays at a decent level. Top teams of the average European leagues or Brazilian Serie A, why not?

It must be noted that he looks like a player who wants to have fun playing football, to score goals. He does not look like someone who is going to give his absolute everything to achieve some big goal. If he had better technique, his laziness could be excused and he could maybe reach European top league or big club of Brazil level, but I doubt he’ll get that far.

If I had to pay 10 million euros rating: N/A

Wouldn’t pay much for him based on those games, maybe 100-200 thousand euros would be worth a risk now.

Talent Rating: 5/10

His physical ability gives him a good base, but determination/work-rate needs to grow fast for this strong striker to reach places. And probably not just on the pitch but also in the training ground as he does look as if he is few bigger steaks away from becoming overweight.

Notes on other players: I also kept half an eye on some other players. Marcos Junior, who I liked from Fluminense in semi-final, was again very lively. In first half the Corinthians’ defenders couldn’t handle him, but luckily for them, his finishing was poor. Like in the semi, he got very tired as the game went on, but he did manage to create Fluminense’s goal by turning one defender inside out. He seems to have more potential than Douglas, looks very weak however as well as an average finisher, but I can imagine Fluminense will give him a chance in senior team sometime this season. Worth keeping an eye on.

The Corinthians captain Antonio Carlos who scored two goals I sort of liked last game too, but I thought him and his parter were both average at defending. Both lacked speed and Carlos wasn’t very good at reading the game either.

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