Into The Unknown: Fluminense (U18) vs Coritiba (U18)

24 Jan

Marcos Junior was amazing in first half with two goals, but made a lot of mistakes in the second. Picture taken from:

So, to round-up the Copa Sao Paulo Futebol de Junior tournament semi-finals, I found myself watching the game between Fluminense’s youngsters, who’ve flown through the tournament and Coritiba, who had kicked out Internacional in the quarters.

It was Fluminense who continued their great run with a big win as they beat the Coritiba side with an impressive score-line of 4:0. Two goals on either side of the break.

The game offered few interesting players, but those who were most interesting seemed to struggle in second half with overconfidence and tiredness.

Anyway, here are the players I liked… at least a bit. I’m sorry that I don’t even know their age because Fluminense website doesn’t have any information on the youth teams other than an occasional news story.


He played as an attacking midfielder. He wasn’t too involved in the game, but when he was, he showed a fair bit of quality.

Decent player with good vision & passing, but at times he also struggled with simple things and made some bad decisions. At least 2-3 times he lost the ball trying an impossible dribble against a wall of players.

A lot of improvement needed before he even thinks about the big level, but he’s got some materials to become a good player, at least on local level.


He was one of the two that looked very impressive in first half but in second half he faded off.

Fabinho played as right-back and rampaged up and down the pitch in the first half with great speed and great technique, almost finding the net too.

However he spent more time in opponent half of the pitch than his own in the first half and this running left him tired. The tall and skinny right-back also made more than a few bad mistakes in defensive phase but then again he showed on several occasions that he can win and make tackles too.

Leo Lelis

He is Fluminense’s centre-back. I should say that his performance was full of schoolboy mistakes – lot of bad decisions mostly, with passing, with deciding what to do with the ball etc.

However, he seemed to have the raw materials. If he is to become a good defender he obviously needs to get a coach who can improve the mental side of his game. He is quick, tall, strong.

Marcos Junior

He is the star man of that Fluminense side, playing as a striker. He finished as the top scorer of the 2011 Brazilian U20 Championship.

In this game he scored two goals in the first half, both calm and good finishes with first right and then left foot.

He has great acceleration, pace and very fast turn, but he is a bit weak for now, couldn’t win a header and lost a lot of balls in second half with tiredness and selfishness playing their effects. He had two occasions when he could’ve passed the ball to well positioned team-mate in attacking position, but he tried to dribble and failed. He was brilliant in first half, but in second quite bad.

From what I could find, he is 18 years old. Not sure when will he get his first chance in senior team, I could see Fluminense using him at some point of 2012 as substitute. He definitely has the talent to perform, now he’ll have to become stronger and smarter.

I’ve not yet decided if I’ll do the One Game Report on him or Corinthians’ striker Douglas. Will probably take notes on both and see who performs more promisingly.

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