Into The Unknown: Atletico-PR (U18) vs Corinthians (U18)

23 Jan

With three goals to his name, Douglas had a reason to be happy. Picture taken from:

As my plan was to pick one player from the final of the Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior tournament for a One Game Report, I had to watch both semi-finals. I had already covered one game from the tournament which you can read about here.

First on my list was the game between Atletico Paranaense and Corinthians Paulista. I knew that Corinthians had won the game beforehand so I didn’t even bother to concentrate on the Atletico players for the reason that they obviously didn’t have a good game and that I wasn’t going to see them in the final.

In all honesty, that result was really the outcome of Atletico playing really horrible. Corinthians was hardly playing magical attacking football.

There wasn’t a player that left my mouth open but there were three players I liked.

Cristiano (Cristiano Jonathas da Silva Ferraz)

He played as Corinthias’ right-back. Reminded a lot of Maicon in his presence as well as style, although bit less meat around the bones and obviously far from technically perfect.

The 18-year old had very powerful and agressive (not in the sense of making heavy tackles) playing style, kept bombarding up and down the right flank, putting in a couple of good crosses, getting involved in lot of attacks.

However he did look very inexperienced. He struggled to notice what went around him in defence at times and in attack he made few bad decisions. Could also improve his use of the body, let opponents come in from behind couple of times too many.

Douglas (Douglas Willian da Silva Souza)

He is a very powerful striker. According to the Corinthians website he is 187 centimeters tall and is also 18 years old, although some months younger than Cristiano.

He scored a hat trick in the first half. Added to this fact, he also showed very good strength, always coming out as a winner in battles against defenders. He also had good pace and decent touch. His finishing was top-notch – scored with both of his feet and I don’t think he took any other shot expect for those that went in.

But on negative side, he lacked in tactical understanding of the game and got tired in early second half already.

If I pick someone from Corinthians to watch in the final, it’ll probably be him.

Gomes (Everson Fernando Gomes)

He was the deep midfielder for Corinthians. I love a good central midfielder, especially a playmaker, but Gomes was more of a strong battler in front of the defence.

Also 18-year old, he showed good strength and a calm head in the midfield. His presence on the field was one of the reasons why Atletico had no luck getting good chances. He had decent reading and understanding of the game, the necessary technical level and good physique.

Only problem was that he looked as if he might need an extra gear in terms of intensity before he makes the step up from junior football to senior.

Note: Geovanni (attacking midfielder) of Corinthians scored two goals which were very well taken, but for all his good technique, he did a lot of bad things and looked very slow on the pitch. When taking the two goals out of equation he was quite bad.


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