Marco Reus will join Dortmund in summer

04 Jan

Marco Reus is actually Borussia Dortmund's own youth product. Picture taken from

Very surprising news have just come in from Germany.

Borussia Mönchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund have done a deal for Marco Reus almost completely under the radar. There was talks of Borussia interest in him but now everything is suddenly done and official. Must be noted that he’ll move in the summer! The amount of money being paid by BVB is 17,5 million euro’s.

The link to BVB newssite confirming this is HERE.

Amazing capture by Borussia Dortmund, a sign of real intent by them. Mario Götze and Marco Reus to play in same team – this is worth watching. This is a player that you’d expect to sign for Bayern or one of foreign big giants but BVB is showing that they can get the best talents in the world game as well.

We’re seeing a few teams come out in bigger leagues of European football who can push the big guns thanks to some good financial management and smart buying, not counting in teams who are getting big just because they have some huge investors behind them.

BVB is included in this bunch which I’d say also includes Tottenham, Udinese and Napoli. Although I’ve not yet seen the first two actually take an expensive talent that the big teams so closely follow but Napoli did manage to steal Eduardo Vargas from Chelsea and Inter.

However in case of Marco Reus one thing that definitely made him favor BVB ahead of everyone else is the fact that he is a product of their academy.

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